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Bed Side Assistance


Bed Side Assistance

When a family member is unwell, we wish to help them in every way possible, be available hands-on, preferably without anyone's assistance. What we might not realize is that sometimes, it is good to hire a helping hand, professionally skilled, who'll be useful for both you and the patient. This is where Pionova can step in and provide a Bedside Assistant, who will act as a caring shadow to the patient. With us, rest assured that your loved one will be well taken care of.

What does a Pionova Bedside Assistant do?

From day-to-day needs to basic medical care, a Bedside Assistant will assist the patient at every step, as and when required. Among the many tasks that a Bedside Assistant is equipped to perform, some of them include:

  • Checking basic parameters of the body through medical equipment like blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, sugar check, etc.
  • Personal grooming like dressing, assisting with toilet usage, etc.
  • Basic wound management
  • Use of alpha mattress to avoid bed sores
  • Assistance while exercising, walking etc.

Not only physical comforts, a Bedside Assistant also takes care of the emotional well-being of the patient as well, since a lot of patients are prone to depression after they're discharged from the hospital.


The requirements of all patients vary, which is why Pionova offers three different timing options for you to choose from:

  • Day Attendant- 12 hours during the day
  • Night Attendant- 12 hours during the night
  • Full-time Attendant- 24 hours

A large team of caring male & female Bed Side Assistance awaits you at Pionova.


An understanding of the latest medical equipment is a pre-requisite for any good attendant. The team of Bed Side Assistance at Pionova is equipped in handling blood pressure monitor, thermometer, IV stand, alpha mattress, electric bed, steamer among other equipments.

Who All Can Benefit?

You can benefit from Pionova Bedside Assistant services if:

  • A family member is bedridden and requires assistance with daily tasks
  • A family member is old, needs assistance with daily tasks and requires company
  • There's a new born baby and you need a helping hand in taking care of the baby
  • A family member Is suffering from dementia or alzheimer's disease and needs to be watched

Why Pionova Bed Side Assistance?

You can benefit from Pionova Bedside Assistant services if:

  • Selected after concrete background checks
  • Ensure that the patient is healthy, both physically and emotionally
  • Constantly in touch with a network of nurses and doctors for any kind of emergencies
  • 3 different timing options to choose from